Basic Car Parts for Dummies

In this present-day reality, cars are a very essential property to own. We have seen and valued it as such because, as social beings we always have the tendency to travel and go from place to place, this is seen as part necessity such as work or when one purchases items or it could be seen as an essential part of survival when one travels to seek for greener pastures. One thing that these social phenomena of moving around has in common is the travelling property and that is the automobile, yes, the car as we have commonly tagged it to be has seen an integral role in the social dynamics of human beings moving around from one place to another.

In the west, owning a car is almost tantamount to the idea that in is mature enough and capable enough to be independent from parents, for Asian countries having ownership to a car is reflection of one’s status in society. Although it is seen as a necessity not everyone is well-informed or has a natural awareness on how in terms of automobiles and the parts and all its functions, thus many people end up buying cars yet are having difficulty in maintaining it.

Here are some of the essential car parts that one must be able to know before having to own one:


The wheels are the least vital of the parts of the car since it could be easily replaced. But according to car specialist the stock wheel is basically the most high-quality wheel that could be integrated into the car since it is basically custom built for the whole design of the car. Nevertheless one should know the type of wheel that is installed in the car and its other component and features such as the TPMS and the likes.


The engine is the key part in any car because it is basically what makes the car. The capacity and performance of the automobile depends on it, it could be said that a poor engine makes a poor car. Every owner should know all the details of the engine so that they can know its fill capability as a machine, also the fuel that it needs to maximize its performance must be made know to the owner.

There are newer engines that is available in the market today an example of such is the electric-run automobiles that do not need any diesel or gas to function, but such is still not broadly available to other markets since its recharging stations are not that easily available just yet.


This part of the car is the second very essential part because as the owner one also has to know whether the car is in manual or automatic transmission. Also, parts of it are the brakes, so one must know if it does work well.  It is also closely in place with the cars chassis which is the cars main frame, also chassis are registered so one must have the chassis number of the car they own.

All in all owning a car meant studying it, preparing for it in case of troubles or in terms of maintaining it, the owner knows which is which and what to do.

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