Guide To Planning The Office Annual Party

An annual office party is one of the most looked forward to events in the entire office calendar.

Besides getting to network and spend some time with your colleagues’ and superiors outside of the office setting, most companies encourage their employees to bring their close family members to join in.

As much fun as all of this sounds, organizing the event and making sure that everything goes as planned is a whole other story. Planning an annual corporate event can be quite a daunting task if not done right. One will have to make sure that all preparation and the necessary arrangements are made prior to the event.

A few guidelines that you can incorporate into your planning process in order for things to work out as expected are mentioned below.

Form A Committee

In order for you to be able to successfully pull off this event, the first thing that you will need to do is form a committee. Although it is always nice to work amongst your friends, it is advisable to make this committee bearing in mind the requirements. Have someone who handles logistics exceptionally well on the team as well as someone who can manage the finances and so on.


The next thing that you will need to do to make organizing this event much easier is to write everything down. Remember that as you progress to make this event happen, you will prioritize some things over others. Writing things down will help you to make sure that nothing gets lost or forgotten in the process of prioritizing for instance, organizing a coffee mug gift as give a way or whether it is to check up on the caterer.


The next thing and the most important thing that you will need to have looked into at all points of the organizing process is of course the budget

Knowing exactly how much you will need to keep aside for the venue, decorations, caterers, the gifts or the souvenir that your committee has decided on will help you plan out the expenses of the even effectively. You will also need to factor in expenses like affordable car hire Auckland for instance. As the event draws near make sure that everything and everyone that is assisting gets to the location on time. Taking all of these into consideration will not only leave you with a reasonable budget but will also make sure that you are provided with enough and there will be next to no surprise additions to the budget.

Get The Necessary Clearance

And finally, to make sure that all parts of the event go as planned, you will need to make sure that all necessary clearances are received from the Management higher up in regards to the agenda, the Management at the venue in regards to the requirements at the site and any other authorizations that you may need to go ahead.

Following these guidelines will ensure that you have a successful event overall.

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