Tips on how to Prevent Windshield Damage

The windshield is an essential part of a vehicle and having a damaged one can impact one’s driving performance. While it might sound impossible, there are actually simple steps a person can take to reduce the risks of damaging the windshield.

Keep Distance

This sign can be commonly seen posted on huge vehicles. Aside from serving as a warning sign, keeping a good distance from your vehicle and the one in front lessens the risk of damaging the windshield. Chips and cracks are usually caused by small rocks or debris being flinged onto your windshield by the car you’re following. Maintaining distance lessens the possibility of these objects hitting and damaging your car’s windshield.

Reduce your Speed

Aside from the overall safety it provides, driving at average speeds helps keep your windshield safe. The faster you go, the harder things hit the windshield causing bigger damage.

Check the Weather Reports

Aside from road debris, another cause of windshield damage is bad weather. Hailstorms can cause chips and cracks on the windshield when it hits hard. Stormy or extremely windy weather carries along different debris such as broken branches that may damage the windshield. Before going out for a drive, check the weather reports first. When stuck on a bad weather condition, stay out of the road and find somewhere to stay so you can park your car safely.

Check your Windshield Regularly

Small cracks and chips can quickly spread across the windshield if not noticed and repaired immediately. Doing regular checks helps in early detection of these unnoticeable damages making it easier to repair. You can also save a lot from service fees when fixing minor damages.

Why Damaged Windshields are Dangerous?

There are many risks posed by damaged windshields. When a chip or crack is on the driver’s line of vision, it can interfere with their driving performance which can even lead to serious accidents. It’s better to be safe and maintain your windshield than face the consequences.

What to do when Windshield Damage Happens?

Although there are plenty of ways to protect our car’s windshield, there are times when the unexpected can happen. Getting it fixed immediately is the best thing you can do to save your windshield. At Waynes Windscreens Mandurah, we have the best windscreen repairers and replacement specialists that can handle every kind of windshield damage. In the meantime, here are some tips to do to prevent the damage from spreading while you wait for a repairman.

  • Don’t wash the vehicle.
  • Don’t touch or even place pressure on the damaged area.
  • To avoid debris and dirt from getting into the crack, you may place a clear packing tape over the damage. Make sure to do this gently and with less pressure as possible.
  • Don’t put any other adhesives into the damaged part.

Knowing how to prevent damages and what to do when it occurs is a great thing to know especially when you own vehicles. Keep your vehicle’s windshield at its best by keeping those tips in mind.

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