How to properly maintain your car

One of the priceless possesions of a person is their car. Whether it costs a million dollars or a few thousands, it should be treated with utmost and proper care. By doing the maintenance that are needed for each and every parts necessary for the proper function, and aesthetic interior and exterior of your car, you are saving money on repairs in the future. Here are the things that you should do.

Owner’s manual

No matter how many vehicles you have, and no matter how many vehicles you have driven, there are specific manuals for every car that you should always pay attention to. By making yourself aware on all the features that your car has, you are lessening the hassle of trying to figure out how to do this and what should be done when this thing happens. Car owners, especially first timers, should be responsible enough to know how each feature of your car works and how you can use them, this will help you prevent risks of damaging your car that would most likely cost you more to fix and the hassle of not being able to use it for a few days or so.


Car washes are important not only to make it look good and shiny, but also regular washes and waxing are important to keep your car’s body healthy, it is because you are preventing it from the minor damage that it usually gets whenever it is being used. Your car’s body will always pick up dirt, dust, and grime while driving, and all of those would slowly chip off its paint which will eventually lead to exposing its metal sheet. When the metal sheet is exposed, then there will be an increase risk of rusting. You could always avail cheap carwash singapore, you don’t have to invest in high end and high tech washing, a simple carwash is already enough to prevent those detrimenting factors from affecting your car’s body.

Changing the oil

When it comes to caring for your car’s function, oil change is the most important aspect for it. By having your car’s oil changed every 5 thousand kilometers or depends on what is written in the manual, you are maintaining the engine’s lubrication wherein without lubrication, it will create friction in all the moving parts of your engine, and will lead to over-heating. Because it is well lubricated, your car’s components cools down, it will also remove all the dirt particles that will damage your engine. And overtime, if left unattended, the oil will turn into a gooey material that will just detriment the overall functionality of your car.

When you invest on a car, or on any item, it is important that you take good care of it by providing the proper maintenance that it needs. This will make you get the most out of the investment, and become worth every penny spent on it.

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