Usual Process Followed When Obtaining the Right to Your Own Logo

Every company has their own goals. They have a path they are determined to take. They all have their own unique identities. One of the ways of showing the company identity to the world and helping the customers to identify them is using a company logo. This logo cannot be something you have copied from another company. It has to be something you have created on your own.

While we cannot steal anyone else’s logo we should also take measures to stop others from stealing our logo. That is why we should work with one of the best trademark law firms in India to get the necessary legal protection for our company logo. The usual process to obtain the necessary legal permission or protection has a couple of stages.

Presenting Your Request

The first stage is presenting your request. This stage contains a lot of paperwork as you have to fill forms to present your request. When you are working with a good legal team which handles such matters, there is no need to worry about this. They know all the rules they have to follow if you are going to get the legal permission to use your own logo. Therefore, they are going to complete this stage without any mistakes and without taking forever.

Examining Your Request

Once you have presented your request for the logo the legal authority is going to examine your request. They have to basically make sure you are not stealing someone else’s legal logo in order to promote your own company. They also have to go through the documents you have presented.

Inquiring about Any Opposition

The authority is going to give a chance for anyone who likes to oppose the idea of your having such a legal permission to the logo you have presented. That is to make sure you are actually not breaking any rules when applying for the right to use this logo. If someone is going to present trouble to your case at this stage your legal team is going to handle the situation well.

Granting the Permission

Once the authority has gone through everything and finds that your request is all in order, they are going to grant you the permission to use the logo you have presented to them. There is also going to be the opportunity to renew your right to use this logo in the future too.

If you get the assistance of a good legal team to handle this matter everything will happen as it should.

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