What is a Car Maintenance Log and the Reasons You Need One?

A car maintenance log sounds like something a mechanic would keep. Actually, this log is kept by the vehicle’s owner and refers to a regular maintenance schedule. As a car owner, you already know that there are certain crucial maintenance tasks that you must complete on a timely basis. This log keeps a record of that in annual or quarterly basis. It’s sort of like making note of all the vaccinations a kid or a pet might get, except in this case it’s all about vehicle maintenance.

The car maintenance log is not something that is just for the use of a vehicle owner, however, even if it is the owner who keeps it. This log can be used to make sure that the vehicle is being kept in good condition by other drivers and the mechanics. If you think your car needs new auto parts, the mechanic would take a look at this log before deciding if that’s really necessary. The car maintenance log can be a useful tool when the vehicle changes owners. If you want to put your vehicle on the market, this log can actually increase its resale value, because you are essentially giving the new owner a health report of the car.

Here are several other reasons why it’s useful to keep a car maintenance log:

Keep Vehicle in the Best Working Condition

When you have a car maintenance log, you won’t have to speculate about whether your vehicle needs an engine oil change or not. All the info is there. Most car owners use a notebook with a graphing book to keep track of the servicing schedule. It’s easy to just jot everything down by hand. But if you have given up books just like most of the developed society, you can use a software program to do the same thing. These days you can even find app versions of car maintenance logs. It’s easier more than ever to actually keep one.

Note Down Reminders

The car maintenance log doesn’t just records the maintenance tasks already performed. It’s commonly used by vehicle owners to note down reminders of things to do. Do you need to check the brake pads in two weeks or change the coolant in a month? Jot these down and check the log every week to see if there are things to do. This is a great way to keep all the car-related reminders in one place so it doesn’t get jumbled with everything else you are doing.

Collect the Receipts

Has the car been in an accident? Did you have to pay a hundred bucks for a certain repair job? Then these bits of information should go in the car maintenance log. It records the history of the vehicle, which is important as the vehicle gets older. As mentioned above, if the vehicle ever goes on the market, these little bits of information would be very useful for demanding a decent price.

Having a car maintenance log is simply the sign of a responsible vehicle owner. Therefore, go ahead and buy a book or download software to keep your own vehicle maintenance log.

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