Common Car Repair Services Your Vehicle Might One Day Need

Car repairs, you may not think about them often, but your vehicle might need these sooner than you think. Car repairs are often done following accidents, but may be needed as your vehicle ages. Most repairs can be costly, though the prices can really vary. Here is a list of the most common car repair services that you might want to be aware of as a responsible vehicle owner:

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Oxygen Sensor Replacements

This is a common repair service for older vehicles. The oxygen sensor is a part of a car’s exhaust system. The sensor detects how much oxygen remains in the exhaust system without having combusted. This sensor typically becomes worn out as vehicle age. Most manufacturer’s recommend replacing the oxygen sensor about every 100,000 miles. The replacement costs are largely moderate because this is an essential repair service.

Aesthetic Wheel Repairs

Wheels are often replaced rather than repaired. But there’s one common wheel repair method that surpasses all: alloy wheel refurbishment Bristol. It is a cosmetic procedure that fixes colour damage on the area of a wheel. The final product colour matches the finish of the wheel. Ageing wheels can be unsightly. So most car owners prefer this rather affordable cosmetic repair service.

Catalytic Converter Repairs

The catalytic converter is a crucial component in your car. It’s responsible to removing or expelling certain hazardous material like carbon monoxide out of the engine. This converter keeps the engine in good working condition. A great catalytic converter can even extend the mileage of your car and improve the performance of the engine. Nearly all vehicle models come with catalytic converters than can last a lifetime without needing replacement. However, the converter can break down under pressure. If it happens, repair or replacement can be costly, sometimes running over a thousand pounds.

Spark Plug and Ignition Coil Replacement

This is a very common repair procedure performed more often than not on older cars. The spark plug and the ignition coil are two parts that help the engine ignite the fuel. As a car is often used, problems with this system often emerge. Replacement is not that costly compared to other types of repairs. However, not replacing these components on time could cost you your vehicle and possibly lead to engine replacements.

Fuel Cap Replacement

Fuel cap replacement may sound like a trivial repair to do, but it can be quite essential. If the fuel cap is loose, it could result in engine problems. It’s much more cost effective to just to replace a problem fuel cap.

Replacing Thermostat

The engine of your car has its own thermostat. It’s built-in to perform nearly a lifetime, but can show problems as the engine ages. It is a relatively inexpensive repair to undergo to protect the car’s engine.

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Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacements

The Mass Air Flow sensor, or the MAF sensor, is a little device that detects how much air enters into the vehicle’s engine. The car then determines how much air there is in the engine compared to fuel. It’s important for igniting the fuel. These sensors, like other sensors in your car, may need replacement in older age.

Is your car in need of any of the above repairs?

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