Managing and Maintaining Fleet Vehicles Efficiently

Before diving into the topic itself, first let us look at what fleet vehicles are. Put simply, they are vehicles that are owned or leased by companies or organizations, as opposed to individuals and families. So think public bus companies, police stations, car rental companies and so on. Needless to say, these vehicles will be mainly used for public services, which in turn means they need to be in great condition at all times. This involves maintaining an entire fleet of vehicles regularly, which is admittedly not the easiest of tasks. However, with a few handy tips like the below, it can be done.

Notre stock permanent est de 150 véhicules visibles dans nos locaux. Notre gamme est vaste et s’étend des marques Premium Allemandes (Audi, Bmw, Mercedes) aux spécialistes japonais ou suédois (Lexus, Honda, Saab, Volvo, Hyundai, Suzuki) en passant par les

Draw Up A Plan

When you have so many vehicles under your jurisdiction, the chances of erring are quite high. You are only human after all, and there is only so much you can do. However, being human also means using this wonderful mind of ours as much as possible, and that includes drawing up an effective maintenance plan. Plus, there are softwares and other technology you can use to do this for you so you need not worry. Cover things like what services need to be encompassed, as well as how many vehicles will be tended to at a time since you will always need some for use.

Assign Someone For The Job

There is often a lot going on, so if nobody is assigned for the job of overlooking fleet vehicle maintenance, chances are it will never be done because nobody will assume responsibility they were not entrusted with. So to avoid this hassle, have someone take care of the maintenance alone, and be solely responsible for that. This includes allowing them to call the shots when they think the vehicles need servicing, as well as ensuring all services are done properly and well, be it at a diesel mechanic melbourne or anywhere else.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Also known as unscheduled servicing, this is what you have to do to ensure you do not necessarily wait for the vehicle to break down before you do something about the problem. Just like health checkups, preventive maintenance helps identify issues before they become anything big, allowing you to not just cut down on costs, but also save time and effort. It also helps prevent downtime, since depending on the scale of the breakdown you may not be able to use that particular vehicle.


Honestly in this day and age, automation is no longer a choice, it is mandatory. Keeping track of a fleet of vehicles and their servicing needs manually and trying to stay sane is not a battle you will win. Automate. There are plenty of options for installing softwares, allowing you to keep all data and information in order not just for your convenience, but the company overall. Imagine how easy it would be if you received automatic alerts when the date for servicing draws closer, or were able to access everything you need at a moment’s notice when needed in a rush. You basically can only hope to move upwards and onwards by implementing technology, so go for it!

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