Why Checking Tyre Pressure is Important and How to Do It Right?

Taking care of tyres is one of the most critical car care procedures every owner should follow. This is also an aspect owners tend to neglect. While some do press on the tyres once in a while to check if the tyres are properly inflated, it’s very important to properly inspect tyre pressure instead of just speculating. Here are several reasons why tyre pressure is actually important for the mobility and safety of your vehicle:

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Proper Pressure Prevents Premature Tread Wear

If your tyres are either overinflated or underinflated, it would accelerate tread wear. Overinflation of tyres is known to cause uneven tread wear, which actually affects the mobility of your vehicle. Uneven tread wear can lead to trouble driving in a straight line or the vehicle favouring one side over the other. Properly maintaining tyre pressure is necessary to prevent this sort of trouble.

Overinflation Leads to Rigidity

Overinflated tyres, where the tyre pressure is too high, getless in contact with the road. The result is what’s called a “hard ride,” where driving over common road hazards like potholes could be troublesome. Overinflation also puts tyres at higher risk for wear and even punctures. For example, your tyres can get seriously damaged when driving over a speed bump when overinflated.

Underinflation Leads to “Shoulder Wear”

Underinflated tyres are flatter and thus get more in contact with the road. This affects a part of the tyre known as the shoulder. The shoulder can get prematurely worn off when the tyres are underinflated, putting overall mobility at risk. Also, replacing worn-off tyres constantly can be expensive. Underinflated tyres have increased rolling resistance, which means the vehicle can roll over road hazards more easily. However, this also reduces fuel efficiency, meaning you will have to spend more on fuel with underinflated tyres.

Tyre Pressure Affects the “Contact Patch”

The “contact patch” is the surface area of the tyre that actually comes into contact with the road. Bad tyre pressure takes a toll on the contact patch, leading to excessive wear. The contact patch determines how well the vehicle rolls on the road and how much control you have over the car. Therefore, it’s never a good sign if the contact patch is getting worn off because of bad tyre pressure.

How to Ensure Proper Tyre Pressure

There are several ways you can avoid the above problems and ensure that your tyres are properly inflated at all times. It’s highly recommended to have tyre pressure checked every month. Pressure should be checked every season because warm or cold weather affects how tyres should be pressurized.

There is digital tyre pressure monitoring systems that busy vehicle owners can use to gauge accurate readings of tyre inflation. The Safe-T-Tyre’s tyre pressure monitoring system, for example, fits many vehicle types and is perfect for reading tyre pressure without a hassle. Owning a tyre pressure monitoring system such as this increases both fuel economy and the longevity of tyres.

In addition, also have an auto mechanic professionally examine the tyres several times a year. It’s best to spot tread wear early on to either rotate the tyres or replace them as needed.

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