Duties and Responsibilities of an Auto Body Mechanic

The duty of an auto body mechanic includes repairing cars and restoring them to the factory condition after they have been damaged be it in an accident or other means. There are different countries that use different terms for the job including countries like Australia and Britain. Here we will be looking at what the job and duties of an auto body mechanic is like in detail.

Restoring Vehicles to Factory Glory

The biggest job responsibility of panel beaters Berwick is to ensure that vehicles are restored to their original and factory condition after damage.Firstly they will need to assess the condition of the vehicle and ensure that the damage can be repaired. If so they need to evaluate how the repairs can be done as well. Next, they will attempt to remove the damaged parts of the automobile either by cutting them off or maybe by even unbolting them from the body. Now the new parts can be fixed in to replace the components that have been removed. In cases where the old parts can be repaired the auto body mechanic will go on to repair them and fix them back on to the vehicle. Metal working, hydraulic and mechanical methods will be used for both the repairing and replacing aspects of the process and plastic filing and fillers can be used to repair dents and the like.

Cosmetic Upgrading Of the Vehicle

There is a large range of versatile services that an auto body mechanic can provide that will go a long way to improve the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle. An auto body mechanic can perform these services on a damaged vehicle by grinding, repairing, sanding and polishing the vehicle after the repairs have been completed. The vehicles that come in for this cosmetic upgrading do not necessarily need to be damaged at all. There are vehicle owners who wish for their vehicle to look great and an auto body mechanic can ensure that this is the case even if the vehicle is completely well-functioning on all levels. These upgrades to the physical appearance of the vehicle means that they will continue to look brand new at all times.

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Catering To Customizing Vehicles

If an auto body mechanic is very highly skilled and proficient, they can also further extend their services to customizations of vehicles. These will include details like restoring vintage and classic vehicles and upgrading automobiles or even building a completely new vehicle altogether. If you are an owner with a classic car that does not work right anymore, an auto body mechanic can repair the entire engine of the car and carry out other major repairing work to ensure that the vehicle is up and running once more. They can also upgrade your vehicle to ensure that they are running either faster, smoother or maybe even have a better and more defined pick up. Another specialty is working on hot rods or large vehicles that are built with the sole purpose of speed in mind.

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