How to Buy a Rear-View Camera for Your Car?

Rear-view camera systems are not an option anymore, they are a necessity. Reverse vision systems are highly recommended most types of vehicles to ensure safety. The point of having a rearview video system is that a driver can know what behind the driver’s seat without having to turn to look. Also, if you are just bad at reversing without hitting anything, a rearview video system is a must. Here are several tips for buying a great rear view camera that suits your needs:

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Check Your Dash First

The rearview cameras come with screens that are usually attached to the dash. There’s no point in buying a camera that comes with a screen that won’t fit into your car’s dashboard. Therefore, it’s recommended to start your search by specifying the car model and year first. Alternatively, if you can’t find a good dash camera, there are rear view cameras with ascreen that can be mounted on the dashboard. There are also screens that can be attached to the rearview mirror, so you can check the screen in the most familiar way possible.

Don’t Worry Too Much about the Sensor Types

Rear view cameras come with two types of sensors: CCD or CMOS. CMOS sensors are known to consume less power and function better in low light conditions. But CCD sensors can handle various lighting conditions better. Which type of rear view camera sensor really depends on who you ask. It’s a lot like the iOS versus Android debate. There are no clear winners here.

Choose a Rear-View Camera with Onscreen Guides

Want to see parking lines as you reverse park? Then buy a rearview camera kit that comes with software to provide onscreen guidelines. They can be really useful when you are trying to reverse into a tight spot. Onscreen assistance would only make your driving better. You can check out more information about different types of rear view camera kits on

Choose a Wide Viewing Angle

The wider the horizontal viewing angle is for the rearview camera, the more you will be able to see. A camera with a 190-degree angle is considered quite expansive. Generally speaking, trying to find a wide view angle as much as possible for the best viewing.

Check the Lux Rating to Understand Low Light Performance

If you really want to know how well the rear view camera performs under low-light conditions, check the lux rating that comes with it. The lux rating indicates how much light should be minimally present for the camera to deliver generally clear footage. To understand lux ratings, a full moon night has 0.1 lux, white a sunny day has about 10,000 lux. Therefore, the lower the lux rating is, the better the low light vision of the camera is.

Wireless Cameras are not Completely Wireless

Wireless rear view cameras definitely reduce installation time and make it more convenient. However, keep in mind that even wireless cameras require some wiring. The camera has to be connected to the power source by a wire. The same goes for the screen. Some cameras have to be connected to the vehicle’s fuse panel by a wire as well.

Consider all of the above options when buying a rear view camera.

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